Display Activity level Chat Board comments in Project Chat Board

Joe Cerep 6 months ago in Productivity Management 0

For customers who have one Project per Activity, the distinction between Activity level Chat Boards and Project level Chat Boards is confusing to users. We would like an option that allows for a single Chat Board that can be displayed in both the Activity and in the Task Inbox. We find the the ability to view and enter Chat Board comments directly in the Task Inbox to be very helpful to our user base. We run into issues when there is a need for someone who does not have a task assigned to them to enter comments on the request. Users typically access the Activity to view the details of the request and associated attachments. Based on this behavior, when a user who isn't assigned to a task needs to post a comment, they are entering the comment in the Activity Chat Board. Because of our 1:1 relationship between Activities and Projects, the users assume/expect that comment to appear in the Project Chat Board in the Task Inbox and when it does not, it causes confusion and leaves us with two separate Chat Boards related to the same Project. 

Not sure if this is feasible, but a domain right "Display Activity Chat Board Comments In Task Inbox" or something along those lines, would work for our scenario. Potentially the same functionality that is available when uploading attachments (Activity vs. Project level, which specific Project(s) have visibility) could be utilized as well.