Enable Dynamic Dates for Start Type - As Soon As Possible

Joe Cerep 5 months ago in Productivity Management 0

In addition to the functionality outlined in the screenshot here, we need dynamic dates to be enabled for the Start Type of As Soon As Possible. We need the ability to have tasks start as soon as the predecessor task is closed and have the End Date of the subsequent task set to the value of a date EA. Our main use case for this ask is relevant in multiple processes:

- A requester submits a request and enters a Launch Date EA. 

- A preliminary review by the governance team is conducted to determine if the request has enough details and should be assigned to the team that will actually complete the work.

           - This task is set to assign As Soon As Possible and has a static SLA 

- Once the request is approved from a governance lens, it is assigned to the team that will complete the work.

           - This task needs to be assigned as soon as the predecessor (governance review) task is closed and needs to be                      completed by the Launch Date in the EA the requester entered. Current functionality does not allow for this                              configuration and this gap makes the End Date shown in the Task Inbox irrelevant for our users at this step.

I imagine other customers would find value in being able to have the final step of a workflow set to assign as soon as possible and end on the launch date/completion date etc. regardless of the configuration of Start/End dates in earlier tasks in the workflow.