Ability to assign activity role from task

Zack Davis 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 5 months ago 4

Currently on the page layout of a task, a user can be assigned to a project role from the Role Assignment panel. It would be useful if a user could also (or instead) be assigned to an activity role from the Role Assignment panel. Ideally, when configuring the page layout of the task, the admin could choose for the role assignment to occur on the project or activity level.

Use case: a traffic control workflow is kicked off via business rule after a work request is submitted. This WF contains one task, assigned to the traffic controller. They use the Role Assignment panel to assign necessary roles and close the task. Upon task closure, an evaluation is made based on the metadata from the work request and will kick off a second WF accordingly. The roles selected on the traffic controller task will carry over to this project. Current state, the traffic controller must leverage a step checklist that links to the activity and make the assignments there. 


I can understand the use case but the goal of this feature was not really to replace a Traffic Manager or Project Manager from going to the Roles tab to setup an activity/project.  The intent was to allow contributor level users who do not have permissions to go to the Roles tab and make changes to be able to set a few specific roles during the process.  Like the designer be able to assign the copywriter or something like that.

There are many other things you can do on the Roles tab that is not supported in this Roles feature on a task.

I am qualifying this as I can understand the ask but would like to see what other feedback and votes this receives. 

Role assignment at the Activity level would be extremely beneficial at Physicians Mutual. 


Yes, Project level role assignment helps Citi. Activity level role assignment from task will really help.

Santander would also really like the ability to assign roles at the Activity level. We don't currently utilize this module since all of our updates are made at the Activity level as opposed to the project level.