Configuration Workbook

christopher.fredrickson 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 5

Rather than manually update our configuration workbook every time we make a change in the system, is there any way we can export our configuration to excel?  Adding the capability for the Aprimo DAM application to provide a snapshot of the config that could be exported, would he a huge time saver and ensure 100% accuracy (especially as we embark on integrations in the near future.  Doing this manually lend itself to potential errors. 

Configuration Movers

Hi Petra - just curious why this was shelved.  Thanks, 

Hi Christopher,

We shelve something when we don't think we'll get to it soon or/and we want to see how important it is for other customers.

For the MRM and the DAM would be great!  Would also help us maintain our Validated state with less testing for each change potentially as their risk-based assessment would decrease because the changes would be more quantifiable and visible.