Previews of automated Banner - newDAM UI

maygret.sternberger 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 2

Key for user acceptance is on how good the system can support new ways of marketing. Modern asset types like animated banner should be better supported. We need a easy way to preview a working banner in DAM (and if possible also in workflow review tasks).

Animated banner are mainly packages that consists of an HTML file that render the rest of the included files (like JS,  CSS, JPG, PNG, GIG and SVG) to show the animation.

Today users create a preview document (PDF, PPT) containing pages for each frame and upload it as a master record. This is used also for the approval process. The sources are uploaded as a zip file to a second (attachment)  record linked to the master.

To get a working preview users have to download the zip, unpackage on a local drive and start locally.

Lot of manually work.


Shelved to understand importance through voting.