Aprimo Voice Status Descriptions and Flow

Christine Mellick 5 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

When a Voice request goes through its stages of progress, there is one status called "Done" that is assigned even when the request is pending a release date.  Aprimo shows the description of "Done" as "Work is complete, the feature is released and available to customers.

I would like to add another "status" to the Aprimo Voice flow, maybe "Pending Release" because to me it is done when the request has been implemented and actually released to the customers.

A few examples of where I feel this "Done" status inappropriately used:




I understand that there may be some time between us queuing the work for release and the point in time that you actually see it deployed. This is related to the number of components affected and the deployment method. However, these voice tickets are updates that our product owners need to take care of manually, and adding another status adds yet again more management. Balancing this with the potential delay - which is normally not more than 2 weeks tops - we don't think it is worth putting this extra level in.

That's fine and I understand.  I think it is best to leave the request open until that actual release has been released and it production.  Because it is deceiving to say:  "Done" as "Work is complete, the feature is released and available to customers."  when it may not even have been released to customers yet.  As you mentioned it could be up to 2 weeks before it is actually released to customers.  I just want to make sure things are closing prematurely.