Temporary Download Access to Locked Assets

laura.patterson 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 7

Option to create a rule or some other type of capability on an asset, group of assets, classification containing assets etc, that are restricted to certain users that will allow them temporary access to download the asset.Being able to have the ability to allow temporary download access to an Aprimo DAM user would allow me to track/run reports on who downloaded an asset with restrictions in the event there is an issue with usage in the future. 

Security Orders / Sharing Reporting / Analytics

Drilling more into the business case this is exactly why we developed the download approval available as a DAM action. We have no plans to make another mechanism in the DAM to support a similar use case without the process behind it.

Hi Laura, 

We're not clear on why you would set a classification to deny download if users need to download, even if that is temporary. I propose to setup a short call so we can get clear on the use case. I'll ping you.



If I share an asset with a classification where it it set to 'deny download' will it not still block them from being able to download? I'm not totally sure I understand on that.

Hi Laura, 

We're still not clear on the use case.

With email you only can provide the master file. Are these DAM users? Why not provide them a sharing so that they can download and the reporting information is complete? Why do they need temporary access?



In Review

Hi Laura,

we have a couple of additional questions around this.

You can always report on who downloaded it, why would you block access?

There are currently 2 ways to potentially share content with people who have no access to it:

1) via download approval

2) email download link

Can you elaborate on  why these 2 methods are not applicable to your use case?



Are you able to pull reports for emails sent to uses with a download link that will show the user sent to as well as the asset(s) that were sent? The most important part is tracking to see who downloaded, what was the asset, and when it downloaded. we have some very specific use cases right now with a photoshoot where we need to track the entire image, but the model in the image, what project she was used in, how long she will be in market etc. I am required by he agency to provide a regular report of this usage. It is a very sensitive area and I am trying to find the easiest ways to do this