Process Date is showing future time and not the Time Zone time as identified in our setup.

Michael Scott 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated 2 months ago 1

We have workflows that are applying timestamp using the Process Date and this is using a future date/time combination that does not match our defined Time Zone.    I found that there was another Voice request previously that shows this was completed, however we are being told recently that this server time that is being captured is intended which does not seem correct.   Additionally we are located in the United States and the time stamp appears to be coming from Europe. 

Previous voice request that was completed:    


Just wanted to follow up on this one as this is causing internal audit issues and reporting challenges as it appears that we are going live with marketing before this Process Date timestamp, when in reality, the timestamp is off and does not match our configuration settings.    It does not make sense that a system Process Date which is a timestamp does not use the selected time zone configured for the environment and rather some timezone 5 hours ahead. 

Example image showing Process Date timestamp that we received on an email compared to the actual email received which is hours behind.