Accessing Annotation Viewer from Closed Review Task

Trista Oliva 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 2 months ago 9

Request: Allow reviewers to navigate to annotation viewer on files in a closed review task.

Use case 1: A second project is created on an activity for a resubmission of a previous submission/project. The reviewer needs to complete a review on a document in the NEW project that was submitted in the PREVIOUS submission (the first project), and wants to look at comments on the document in the original submission to see if the comments were addressed (note that this process requires that document uploads are done at project-visibility level, so the attachment is a “new” object not a version of the original document). The easiest way to do this would be to go to the closed review task from the original submission and view the comments.

Use case 2: A team manager wants to do a personal audit of her team’s votes and comments. The voting style on these reviews is “first vote decides,” and the manager is assigned, but does not vote, so the review is in her Task Inbox under closed tasks. Navigating to closed reviews to view the comments on the attachments is the most efficient way to do this, as this view would give her visibility into the vote result, the file itself, and the associated comments.

Problem: Because of changes in Aprimo functionality in release 115, the reviewer can no longer navigate to the annotation viewer from attachments in a closed review. Our users were able to do this up until release 115 for the two use cases listed above.

Impact: This limitation requires us to grant permissions that we are trying to limit. Now that access to the annotation viewer is restricted on closed review tasks, the only way to view annotations on documents that were in a review that is now closed is to go to the activity attachments. This means that the reviewer must 1) be a full user and 2) have view access to the activity. 

Having to grant this access defeats the purpose of having the AV locked down in closed reviews. In addition to the undesired activity access, the navigation to the AV via activity attachments is far more clicks that simply accessing it from the task.

There are a few options that could satisfy this requirement, in order of our preference:

  1. Allow for the AV to be accessed from a closed review task, with annotation icons and comment actions disabled. User would not be able to add new annotations or resolve/reply to existing comments.
  2. Allow for the AV to be accessed in its normal state from a review task, but use a domain right that grants such access to specific users.
  3. Allow for the AV to be accessed in its normal state from a review task, but use a system parameter that grants such access on a system-wide basis.
  4. Reinstate the previous functionality that allowed for reviewers to access the AV from a closed review. Published annotations are always read-only, and new annotations would have a date/time stamp.

    We are reverting the code that made the annotation viewer unavailable on both a simple task and a review task;  this will result in the annotation viewer being available on a closed review task with exactly the same functionality as before Release 115.  We anticipate this being part of Release 118 but I will update this again when it is merged.

    This was discussed in refinement and again with Eric and we are looking into the options.  I will have more information on the solution and timing soon.

    The loss of the functionality has had a negative impact on our processes and user satisfaction. Any info we can pass to our users about timing would be great. Also if there is any chance of pushing this up in the priority list, that would also be awesome.

    This is great.  Making the AV available on both tasks and reviews will work for our users.

    Hi Eric, this is GREAT news! Option 4 works to restore process back to status quo. Do you know the timing on the reversal? Thank you!


    Some customers had reported the fact that the annotation viewer was NOT accessible on regular closed tasks but it WAS accessible on closed review tasks and found this inconsistent and confusing to their users and made training complicated.  Since you can see past versions of reviews in the annotation viewer and compare versions we thought removing the option from review tasks was the cleaner approach as you avoid the issues of someone tampering with a closed review.

    However, based on feedback from other customers we understand now how some of them were leveraging this option to support other use cases like the ones outline above.

    It might be significantly more work to implement option 1. Until we made this recent change, the product worked like option 4 and customers had not reported this as an issue specifically so it does not appear to have been a big concerns or issue.  If users are going here for the use cases above I think all the users already know the review is over and are not going to add or reply to something. 

    The fact that some one can modify the annotations even though the task was closed did not seem to be a concern for those customers who reported the inconsistency issue.

    So based on this we are going to reverse the decision and flip it the other way around.  We will make the annotation viewer available on BOTH tasks and review tasks.  So it is consistent but also supports the use cases outlined above.

    But it will likely be the option 4 functionality and not option 1 unless option 1 is minimal additional effort.

    This is a big problem for our Reviewers.  We would like Option 1 for both Full and Contributor users.