REST API to deploy New UI configuration to other environments

Leo Velasco 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 5 months ago 5

Strong desire to be able to deploy the same configuration for the whole NEW DAM UI we did on DEV into QA and then into PROD.

Actually this is possible to do with the old UI, but not for the new one using a REST API.

If delivering this manually, we can encounter environment discrepancies or different configuration.

Configuration Movers

Hi Leo,

When the DAM team puts something on 'shelved' status, it's typically an idea we would like to pursue, but we don't see the ability to pick it up in the planning short term (<6m). Sometimes we're not sure how important it is for other customers and then I typically make a note that I shelve it for voting. 

In this concrete case we see the clear need but haven't worked out when we could pick this up. Once it's planned on the roadmap backlog it will go to Qualified, once on a team it goes to Committed, when started it goes to 'In Progress', to eventually close with 'Done'.

So keep tracking the status changes.



Many thanks for the explanation :)

Hello Petra,
I saw that the status is now Shelved. Can I have the description of the status "Shelved"?
Is this accepted and in queue, or is this shelved to review?

Thank you