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Asset preview in New DAM UI

Leo Velasco 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 7 1 duplicate

When seeing an asset in the old ui, we could enlarge the asset if it was an image (or also Excel, Word, PDF, etc.), and see a larger preview of the same asset, without exiting the page.

For current images in the New UI, we have them static in there and we cannot do anything. We cannot enlarge the image, see a larger preview, etc.

We would want this in the new UI.

Previewing UX

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We would like to implement read only images for download requests, so this feature of being able to properly view the image and assessing to see if it is suitable for a campaign would be crucial for this project.  Thanks.

Our team was just talking about this yesterday.  Nice timing.  Nice feature.