Choose point to center on for resize of banner photo in new UI

Rachel 5 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by maygret.sternberger 2 months ago 3

It would be helpful be able to pick the point of the image to center around for resize.  

For example this photo below looks best with the desktop view having the athlete on the right side of frame.  However when you narrow the browser to fit a mobile device, she disappears.  If I could set the rotation/center point the athlete, then when the banner gets resized for a narrower device it does not just look like a blank header.  

UX Home Page

We have a similar request: we would like to place a nice logo in the center of the banner area. Unfortunately the background image default resizing type is set to "cover" with the following effect:

It would be nice to have an option to decide between "cover" and "contain" (and as requested by Rachel - left, right or centered)