Streamline the views/experience for full users vs contributors; provide view(read only) access for contributors.

Michael Scott 6 months ago in Productivity Management 0

It would be great to streamline the experience for all users so they are visually the same; access to various lists/documents, etc.      

Visual experience:   

One challenge that I have seen that to get to different places, like submitting a new intake request or access DAL, that sometimes depending on the access, the user has an icon at the top and sometimes on the left side menu.   This would wonderful from a training aspect if this was consistent.  

Activity/Project Data and Attachment Access:

It would be a huge benefit to offer contributor users access to information and attachments.    We can see that they have access to Activity information and they can upload documentation, however once those tasks go away, they can't easily locate any information and don't have any direct access to activities/projects that they are contributing to.      Ideally, a contributor would basically have read only access to the system (data/documents) and yet have the ability to respond to tasks, not necessarily update other data outside the task.