3D PDF previewing in the DAM

bahjat.rizk 6 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 8

As we are exploring 3D usage in the DAM, we are running into some barriers. for us or any customers perhaps its not just having 3D in the DAM working.

what we are finding out from the beginning we need to closely align with the software that is producing 3D to assure compatibility with the DAM requirements, then assure compatibility with various channels that we potentially need to publish content to.

as of today, we have not found a common ground to make this work end to end, while keeping it simple.

PDF 3D seems to be most promising in order to content to majority of the channels. we are able to publish it to CDN, it can be leveraged on websites via link, and any user that have proper version of Adobe can view it.

the issue is that PDF 3D preview is not working in the DAM and that drives the customer away a bit.

can we get this to work in the DAM SOON?

This is in DAM release 141.

In Progress

Support for previewing 3D PDF as 3D when uploaded as a 3D package is on its way.

I've put it on shelved status for other companies to vote on it to understand the importance.

Shelved that quick already?


I'm interested see if other companies are finding this important. Please vote.