Please allow changing the layout color in Sandbox environment to avoid errors while working on both prod and SB2

Antoni 5 months ago in System Administration updated by Christine Mellick 5 months ago 4

When we are testing data loaders or working on some training materials with the use of Sandbox we mutually use the production environment as well. From time to time we face an error of working with issues in the sandbox instead of production.
We did set admin info on the sandbox homepage that we are using Sandbox, but it is showing only on the home page.
We were thinking if there is an option to change the top header color to distinguish that we are working in the Sandbox. Adding system information, similar to the one that users are getting when they have their OOO indicator turned on would be also a solution. Thank you.


Thanks Brad.  Yes this is available today.  Actually you do not need to submit a ticket to CS anymore.  That was originally the case but we added these options as system parameters directly in the product so customers can do this completely on their own.  The are on the "System" tab in a section called "Appearance".  

Changing the colors are very easy. Changing the logo does need a new logo in the right size and format to fit so a bit more work might be needed by the customer to have someone create/provide a new logo that is the right dimensions.  The details for this are covered in the help.

I like this!  Thanks Eric!

There is a way to do this already.  We have our lower environments with the color set up different than PROD.  I believe you can open a ticket to request the change. 

It sounds like a good solution. I will check with Customer Service how we can set it up for us. Thanks Brad!