Data validation for date fields (EAs) based off system dates, other EA dates or basic calculations

Michael Scott 7 months ago in Productivity Management 0

It would be extremely valuable to add in some basic data validation options for Date type attributes.  The ability to create basic rules off the date entered itself or even when comparing to some other date attribute.   This option should be configurable/controllable from intake form, activity/project details as well as through various task flows.   The way I understand it today based off the setup, there is no way to control the date entered and ensure that it is correct.

Examples of basic data validation upon itself could include:

  • Date > Today, Date = Today, Date =< Today
  • Year(date) = Current year

Examples of date validation against another field:

  • EA compare to system date:   
    • In Market Date (EA Date Field) > Begin Date (some system date field)
    • In Market Date (EA Date Field) > begin date + 30
  • EA compare to other EA date: 
    • In Market Date (EA Date Field) >= Material Release Date (EA Date field)
    • In Market Date < material release date +45