Read only text after recent update is too hard to see.

Michael Scott 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Steve Dixon 3 months ago 5

A recent update within the application for read only text has made the text almost impossible to see for many people.  The text color is really light.   We utilize the description field to help draw out requirements on a task which are now being overlooked.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. We are going to be darkening the read-only text to make it more readable in the near future.

The recent application update applied to fonts designed to improve readability had the opposite effect and was an epic fail. Many users are complaining that they can barely read the EAs now.

We are getting the very same complaints.  Not sure why the font was made so light.

The lighter color of the font will not pass an ADA audit.  

Another example showing where data in an EA field that is sent from one task to another as read only, is VERY hard to read.  Notice that there are two fields, one that had a limited number of drop down values but the free form text fields are so light and we have employees that are struggling with reading this light of text.