Working with the Adobe Connector for InDesign and FPO files

Flemming Petersen 6 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 5 months ago 5

Let's say a Graphic Designer/Asset producer is working on a document in InDesign and in the meantime one of the linked files expires. It gets a watermark in Aprimo.

- The watermark will not show up on the FPO file in InDesign and the Graphic Designer/asset Producer won't be notified.

- At the same time the Graphic Design/Asset Producer are not allowed to replace FPO with Original, but are not notified about this behavior.

So a suggestion would be that - despite it will take longer time to download FPO with watermark - it would be a good idea to have watermark on FPO files as well.

Security Creative Cloud Watermarking

When checking out an InDesign file, Would it be possible to add a function so the user can choose if he/she wants to have the links downloaded or not?

If this would be possible you could really speed up the work. You could easily work having missing links (InDesign shows the proxy anyway) and when you then need to have a higher resolution on the graphics/images you can choose to check out the file with links

Hi Flemming, in the next version we will checkout/open an InDesign document from the CC Connector with Pending links: This means the document will open much faster while the links will be downloaded in the background
We believe this is a more secure way than open with Missing links to resolve all DAM links including changes while much faster than before. The ETA for this version is May 5.

Shelved to see how many votes this will raise.