Add Ability to Copy an Insights Report

Christine Mellick 7 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 5 months ago 4

Sometimes there is a need to copy an existing report with its existing configuration and then tweak it a bit to then save as a new report.  We'd like the ability to copy an Insights Report similar to the copy button and functionality on a Work Request.

Hi Eric - This one can be closed or rejected per your comment.
Thanks, Christine

Hi Eric - Quite honestly and embarrassingly so, I just had not "noticed" this, more because I was thinking of the "Copy" functionality.  This completely meets our needs.  Thanks for the information.

In Review

This is meant to be handled by the "Save As" feature on a report.  Once you run a report in the "action" menu there is an option to "Save As" so you can then Save that "copy" as a new report and then make the tweaks to it.

Are you not aware of this feature or is there a reason why this does not meet your use case?