Inactivating Extended Attributes: filters, views, column selections

Trista Oliva 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated 6 months ago 3

When an EA is no longer needed, it can be inactivated to prevent usage in current processes while preserving the data held in the EA. However, when an EA is inactivated, if a user has the field selected as a column in a list, filter, or view, the user will get an error when they pull up the list. To resolve this, the user must delete the view or column selection. In a case where a user has created a complex filter or has selected columns important.

This request is to provide the same changes on inactivated EAs that were done in release 113 for deleted EAs:

“We have released the ability to remove certain restrictions on deleting extended attributes. When deleted, the Extended Attributes would be removed from filters, views, and selected columns.”

We have been testing this here and have found that with some of the recent product updates, the only place we are seeing an error anymore is with a column selection for a multi-select EA. All other EA types do not cause the user to get a list error when the EA is inactivated and in use in column selections/filters. :-)

This has been such a pain point for us too.

Could not agree more!  This actually stops us from inactivating EAs during releases at the moment.