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In the workflow "Review step" show voting details for requestor

oleksandr.ivanov 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Steve Smith 6 months ago 2


In the workflow we have a Review step to collect feedback from multiple users. The problem is that feedback requestor don't see which users are not voted yet(and who needs to be chased).

So suggestion is to allow Review step requestor see voting process details, maybe have a differend kind of task "Review step details" for him.

Hi, In our case it's within a productivity management project. The first task in the workflow requires someone to upload a file (as an activity attachment).  The 2nd step requires at least 1 person, but often multiple, to review, annotate, and vote on the piece of material. The 3rd step is for the person who completed step 1 to incorporate the changes from step 2 and then upload a corrected file (into DAM). The issue we have is the person performing steps 1 & 3 doesn't have an easy way to understand which of the multiple people in step 2 have completed their review. Going into the task worksheet is an option, but not very intuitive for most users (it takes a lot of clicks). It would be great to be able to view this status from the task inbox somehow. 

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Can you clarify this a bit more.  Are these users submitting Work Request to start a process OR are they just using the basic Simple Review process that is allowed from a DAM asset?

There are ways to see some of this information and configure it to display depending on the user and the process so some more context would help.  Thanks