Support for large assets on file versions in the Old UI

Diana Fournier 6 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 4

Is there any intention to accommodate large files (> 2GB) on 'new file version' on an asset record in the "Old UI" in ADAM?  CS# 28805 corrected the issue for the Work Request Forms and the "New UI", but we're not sure the same fix was applied to the regular Assets Studio where our catalogers work from.

Versioning Ingestion / Upload

We are not planning to make the change in the old UI as we foresee a major shift to using the new UI once we have introduced our new redesigned upload functionality, which we will be working on next.

I agree, our catalogers do not work in the new UI yet but only in asset studio so that fix should also be there as well. 

Same for us...no on eon the New UI yet, only Assets UI