Clicks and Activity Tracking in DAM

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If it possible to track, in detail, within our environments the following?

  1. Clicks/User Experience: we wish to analyze user behavior when they are interacting with Classification tree, Taxonomy & Aprimo functionalities like “Asset sharing send email” on the Aprimo platform. It would help us understand the most used options and also to decide any improvements which can help simply the user journey. For this purpose we need the “Clicks” data or the browsing activity data.
  2. Task in DAM, (volume of activities): we need a log of the activities assigned and performed by users for e.g. Librarian’s request to the uploader to update the metadata, or pending approval requests with Librarian etc. This will help us understand the volumes of activities and thus guide us to improve the process.

I know Aprimo tracks some activity in [System Insights - Page Views] - see attachment.  Can this be expanded?  If are you working on expanding to allow people to track activity and interaction in the UI

DAM Reporting / Analytics

Sorry for the delayed response.

We would like to track the entire journey on Aprimo to identify how users navigate through Aprimo

  • Identify the entry page, the visited pages and exit page along the journey in terms of page views and visits
  • Identify bounce rate
  • Identify page views on key entries in Aprimo : mega menu , Browse -left menu items (including taxonomy categories), home page identify which items are clicked
  • Get the click through rate for search metrics commonly used in website analytics
  • Get views on advanced functionalities advanced search, views, share , meta data id card view ….

Let me know if you have any question

Hi Chris,

Depending on all the data you wish to get out, there may be different approaches we take to solving these. We want to separate out system insights reporting which deals with understanding who might just be accessing different pages in the application vs. data reporting, which deals with information about processes or metadata in the system. 

The system insights page views report you've pulled up as an example will show what pages users have navigated to (though this tends to not be comprehensive simply due to browser privacy features treating this as a type of tracking), but will not show things like buttons users have clicked on to initiate processes, which would have to come from data reporting. 

Can you elaborate on a few items you listed, namely:

- You specified 'interacting with the classification tree & taxonomy' - what is the end report you're looking to get out of this?

- Task in DAM - are you creating Aprimo workflows and tasks to manage this, or is this being done outside the system? I'm having trouble understanding where these requests are stored in order to report off of them.

Any updates on if this is possible?

I'll add too that very often knowing this type of information helps us optimize the performance of our configuration in the DAM.  For example, we know there is a known performance issue when there are a large number of Facets (or a facet with more than 15 or so options under it like our 'Asset Type' field).  If we knew how users were browsing the tree (or not) or if they were always just using the overall Search box, we'd be able to make more intelligent business decisions around the configuration of the classifications or we may even learn we need to instead focus our energy on the search configuration (fuzzy level, synonyms, etc.) in ElasticSearch.