Copy and paste files when uploading a file attachment

Edmtz 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated 6 months ago 2

Hi, today we have an inquire possibly an improvement.  Some users have task where they have to upload files, and they ask about a better way to upload a file instead of clicking and searching the path location for every single file. They suggest if is it possible to just like other apps does, to copy a file from explorer and paste it ?  Similar when we work locally with our own files. Thank you

Eric, Thank you very much for this information, I will proceed to request this flag.


This is already possible.  You may need to confirm if you have our HTML5 uploader activated in your environment.  It sounds like you are using the "web browser" file upload control instead.  When you upload a file do you see this window pop up?

If not then you can have it activated for your environment.  With this window user can drag and drop files into this window from a file explorer.

The feature flag name to request is "task-doc-attachment-file"