Sort System Types by Alphabetical Order

Rob Tuffly 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated 6 months ago 2

Enable system types with picklist items to be sorted and displayed to users by alphabetical order. In it's current state, user need to hunt around for the option needed.


So we have a lot of system types in the application and many of them do not have that many choices inside them but I do understand that some of the list can get longer.  We do order the Activity Type List alphabetically and for the Activity Type Status list we allow customers to actually define the sequence since we know in that case you may want the status order to follow a flow rather than just A-Z.  Like Draft, Concept, In Design, Under Review and Approved.  If those were ordered A-Z it would become Approved, Concept, Draft, In Design, Under Review which would seem odd.

So I would not want broadly apply this to all System Types since it would be a lot of effort and in some cases be little value as many system types are not heavily used.

Is there a few specific System Types that are the most frustrating?  Could we narrow this down to a couple top ones that we could consider?

Hi Eric - Medicare wants its Reject Reasons alphabetized. Reviewers -- mainly Compliance -- use these reasons (located on the Reject Dialog box as a drop-down list) to guide users around making updates to their materials. Having them in alpha order will help Reviewers quickly find the Reject Reason needed, instead of fishing around to find the one needed.