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Mass Vote Option: Document Level Voting

Channon Trautwein 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Thomas OToole 1 month ago 5

We are looking to add options for All Approved, All AWC or All Rejected to document level voting. Currently users must enter each vote one at a time. In some cases we could have up to 50 documents for review. This could be very time consuming for the user when they need to vote individually. In the Old UI users had the ability to mass vote on all of the documents in a doc level review.

This option would also be very useful to us at Games Workshop as we work with very high volumes of assets for approval - sometimes review tasks would involve the submission of 100+ assets where only 2/3 of these would be approved or rejected. A global comment for rejections would suffice.

We use document level voting for our brand versions. So our creative department will create the first brand and go through approvals. Once that is done they will create the 10+ brand versions. Through this workflow process we will turn on the document level voting. In most cases a majority of the documents will be approved and a few will be rejected with edits. In the old UI we were able to apply a single vote to all the documents and then adjust for those that varied. So our users would say all approved then go through and mark the the 3 that had changes as rejected.

If I was to solution this I would create a new button for the ability to apply a mass vote to all documents and then still make the users submit that vote like they do now. This way if they have 50 documents on a task and all but three are approved they could apply the mass vote and then adjust for the 3 that need changes. I would encourage this as the business process.If it is possible I would also have the mass vote only apply to those they were not voted on yet. I would not have it override a vote that has already been saved. So in this case they could go through mark the rejected ones and then use the mass vote to approve the others that they did not save or vote on. 

Hope this helps and please let me know if you would like any other details.

In Review

Why are you using document level voting in this situation?  Is this more an iteriative review cycle so in the first few rounds I may need to reject specific documents but then towards the end everything is good so I would like to be able to approve all?

Just thinking about how this would work in the UI?  Do we allow you on a document level voting tasks to still cast a vote at the overall review level and pick from the choices and add one global comment, maybe prompt the user and remind them that this vote would all to all documents?

Should this override any individual votes already cast?  There are 10 documents, you have gone in an "rejected" two of those 10 but have not voted on the other 8.  If you go and vote "Approve" on the whole review do we switch the two rejected over to approved or do we apply the mass vote only to documents you have not yet cast a vote on?

Being able to cast document level votes while giving an overall 'Approve/Reject' would be very useful for us. This would allow us to move on where only one file out of many is the approved choice. A 'Vote All' option would also be very useful so that we could, for instance, initially set all submitted files to 'reject' and change the vote status on the selected file to 'approved'.

Citi - looking for this option.