Send email with download link . . . (with a preview image)

christopher.fredrickson 7 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 4

We have a requester looking for the ability to embed a preview image in a newsletter, and when you click the image, the file is downloaded.  I assume this is available through an API which pulls the image and preview to another system.  But Aprimo DAM offers the ability to [send email with download link] that allows a user, outside of Aprimo to receive a link via email and download from the email.  So, the functionality is similar.  Just wanted to check.

Orders / Sharing

If you want an image to be included in a newsletter, we recommend to use a link to an image (or a rendition of that image) on public CDN. So ideally you use the new UI to generate a rendition for public CDN and you use this link in the newsletter. This functionality is available if you have the Akamai Connector on the Aprimo DAM.The use case we're covering with send download link using e-mail is to send an original asset to someone who has no access to the DAM.

Hi Petra,

We do not yet have the new UI yet (ours isn't ready to be deployed) or the Akamai Connector. Is this only available through Akamai or while using the Azure CDN which we are currently using provided by Aprimo? Are there additional costs for the use of Akamai CDN or the Akamai Connector? And would the be usable of our DAM us only accessible via Single-Sogn-On?



Hi Christopher,

The public URL functionality is part of the Akamai connector. The standard Azure CDN is used for secure delivery from our platform. Yes, there is an additional cost. I would suggest to run this by your CSD, he can certainly show you the functionality and provide more insights on the pricing.