Ability to select which metadata fields are included in export

Laura Fu 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 3 weeks ago 7 1 duplicate

Currently, the Export Metadata function includes every single metadata field in the downloadable CSV. This is cumbersome for the user to find the fields that relate to their assets, and there are often questions on whey there are blank fields/columns, or what some of the unused and irrelevant fields are.

The user should be able to select which fields they want to include in their export before the CSV is created. There should also be a hyperlink to the record and the option to include a thumbnail.

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I understand that the DAM UI does not have the ability to export metadata, even just in the same basic way that users can in Asset Studio. While this ticket originally was regarding metadata exports in the Asset Studio, we cannot lose the current functionality when switching over to the DAM UI.

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How many fields would users typically want to show underneath the thumbnail? 

I have not surveyed our enterprise users, but it varies by user and team (user group). In some situations, a user may just need 3-4, other times it could be many more. I cannot know an exact number users want. We currently have at least 165 metadata fields, so the regular Metadata Export is a lot more than is needed. Many of those are duplicated astext to be able to read plain text (from HTML fields and classifications). A key functionality would be the ability for the user to select what fields to include at the time of export.


So if i'm interpreting this correctly, the users would really want to have control over which fields they output in export metadata, they aren't really looking to make a contact sheet (which is a specific use case). 

You already logged another voice request for this capability, so i will treat this one as a duplicate.


We will not be able to pick this up soon, so i will shelve for now.