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sort-view attachments using Project Visibility tab

Bluecross 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 6 months ago 1

we need the ability to sort attachments again using the project visibility tab. When we upgraded to V10 we lost that and when we literally have hundreds of attachments within an acitivity it's terribly time consuming to search through. I mean what's the point anymore of project visibility if there's no filtering available (with applying a manual filter each time you're looking for something). 

It's driving my Pm's and Designers crazy....

In Review

I assume from this use case that these users are not accessing the files through a task but are instead going to the Activity Attachments page directly to find files?

We are working on a net new Project Overview page so if you could provide the use cases around this it would help us consider them in the design.

Are they coming here to see if files they need have been added?

Coming to add a new version directly on the list instead of through a task?