Create new, separate domain rights for Activity Copy and Project Copy.

Bruce Howard 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Laurie Renshaw 2 months ago 7

For many users, Wells Fargo does not want those users copying Activities or Projects. (They need to use Work Requests or start Projects as new from template.)  Separate Domain Rights would enable us to configure security groups to include or exclude the right to copy existing objects.

We would like to have the ability to restrict access to copying as well.  We have had issues with copied activities not getting updated correctly. 

I would like to have the ability to restrict copying of activities, proposals, pograms, projects, etc.

We have encountered many issues with copied Activities and need the ability to restrict the ability to copy Activities via domain right.


I assume these users do need Activity, Edit or Project, Edit rights.  They cannot be limited to view only?

Correct.  Users would need to be able to edit the source and/or target objects.

Our users have Activity, Edit but not Project, Edit.  They just don't know that they can "copy" an Activity from the Activity details page.  We've only told them to copy from the Work Request form.

We, at Franklin Templeton, do not want users copying from the Activity or Project as well and would like to see this configurable in the domain rights as well.