Workflow Template Designer (New UI) Feedback

Bruce Howard 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 7 months ago 3

We had the opportunity to gather feedback on the new Workflow Template Designer UI (currently behind a Feature Flag).

A few concerns were raised by the Wells Fargo team, which we see as opportunities for improving the Workflow Designer:

  • When we are working in Workflow Designer and we save changes on output ports (actions or rules), page layout, document layout, etc. it takes you all the way out of the page and back to the workflow diagram view. Previously, when we saved a page it would stay on that same page in "read" mode. Now we have to do additional clicks to get back to a page (e.g. Output Port>Rules) after it saves.
  • Another pain point, is the inability to pull away a Path from output and input ports to reconnect (click on a path and re-position the end points). Now we always have to delete the path and connect a new one.
  • When we "audit" or QC a workflow, we would prefer to move through the Designer in "view" mode, so we don't inadvertently make changes.  Now, when you open a task's details, you are almost always in "edit" mode.

Item 1. 

A team is already working on this. When you open a step in the workflow designer, make changes and click save it will return to the "view" mode instead of back to the WF Designer. If you want to keep both the Designer open and the step open then you should open the step by right clicking and open in a new window. Then you can make changes and save and the step will still be open in view mode and back in the original tab you will have the designer still. This change should release probably in April, and it will only be seen if you have the 'new-workflow-designer-tools-ux' feature flag enabled.

Item 2. 

I'd like your feedback. As an upcoming work item, we want to make the paths for the workflow designer easier to draw on the canvas. The basic idea here would be when drawing from task 1 to task 2, you wouldn't have to hit one tiny spot on task 2's input port to get it to connect correctly. The idea is you would drag the path to the task and it would go to the port configured on the top. Then if you draw a second path, it would go to the 2nd port and so on. This would leave you a much larger area to drag and drop and hopefully there would be less mistakes. We believe this would cause less pain where the path wasn't connected correctly. When you are trying to pull a path away from a port to connect or reconnect, if you had the functionality I just described do you believe that there would be less times you needed to drag the path around?

Item 3. 

This was a conscious change made based on feedback from users that they wanted the step to immediately open in edit mode since having to open in view mode and then clicking Edit was annoying. With that being said, the work that I described in Item 1 above will bring back the view mode. When clicking Details, it will still automatically be in edit mode still, but if you save, it will switch to view mode. Then if you navigate the rest of the tabs while you're in view mode, their default will be view mode.

I echo these exact sentiments!