Retain position of the segmentation, on the screen, when viewing a segment and then close it.

Janet Neville 7 months ago in Campaign Management updated by Greg Hennessy 6 months ago 1

This pertains to a large segmentation that you have to scroll up, down, left and right to get to the various segments.  It would be nice if when you are working in a segment that had to be scrolled to, that the view remains the same after closing that segment. More clearly, if I have to scroll over to the right to get to a split tool, once I have closed the tool, I would like the segmentation to remain where it was on the screen. Otherwise, I have to scroll back over to the right to continue working that leg.


I am rejecting this only because the segmentation designer page did previously persist and return to the same location after configuring a segmentation tool. This work was delivered in ticket 192425. Something has changed to cause the persistence to no longer function. Please report this issue to Aprimo support.