Initiating a New Work Request

Bruce Howard 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 1

In discussing the Work Request navigation with the Wells Fargo team, it was observed that the user must click [one additional time] to initiate a new Work Request process.  Would it be possible to streamline the navigation to the new request process from the left nav?


While I understand the point, the entire navigation flow has changed with new work requests.  The whole the process has reduced many steps but you are correct in that it does add one new click that it skipped before.  The category and form selection has been reduced from being two completely separate pages that had to load, select and click next to only a modal pop up to make all those choices.  The "user information" section was moved to the main form page so after completing the form you no longer have to click "next" and go to that summary page of user details and notification and then click submit.  So now a work request is "click new", modal pop ups, pick to drop-downs and click begin.  Fill the in form and click Save.  So on the whole it reduced the clicks needed for a request by several.

Also, there is MUCH more information available to the requester now about a past request.  They can see Activity Details, the list of projects, click through to agile boards and task list.  So the "list" of existing requests has way more value than in the past.  If we made it so that every time a user entered work requests we automatically pop up the modal for a new request that would be annoying to those who are coming in to look at a previous request and not make a new one.

So right now we have no plans to adjust this flow.