new DAM UI: ability to upload an preview image if not generated automatically

maygret.sternberger 7 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 7 months ago 4

We often have records -mainly zip files-  were a preview image could not be generated automatically.
Is there an easy way for the users planned in the new UI to upload an preview file manually directly at an asset in detail view ? 

Previewing Ingestion / Upload

Shelving this for voting.

Yes I have seen this request regarding the zip files and this goes in the right direction, but there could be reasons that the generated preview is not suitable and users might need to upload an own preview. e.g. the first page of an PPT might be an intro page and is always the same or we have legacy zip files to be imported from other systems, which would not follow a naming convention for the included files.

In Review

Would there be an image in the ZIP which you could use as a preview, or is it really a case that the ZIP does not contain anything good for a preview. We are planning to do this https://voice.aprimo.com/communities/42/topics/1028-package-support-use-an-image-from-the-zip-as-preview-and-zip-as-masterfile, so i just wondered if you would be helped with the ZIP package support or if there is really a need to upload a preview after uploading the zip.