Allow Ability for System Admins to Remove Sending a Notification on Adding a New Version under Attachments Details Page

Christine Mellick 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 3

Sometimes Job Owners are accidentally clicking on the Send Notification option to Yes, then adding all users in the system to receive a notification that a new version was added.  We'd like the ability for System Admins to remove this section from this page so users do not use this feature.  We, at Franklin Templeton don't have a need to provide this to our users.

Hi Eric - More users are selecting this on accident.  We'd like the ability to remove this option from the "New Version" upload window.  Another option could be to have it available for the System Admin to set the default to No. 


Would this be a system wide setting?  The option would be removed all the time?

For us, we don't want it for any of our tasks.  However, I could see the potential need for it to be flexible for System Admins to add to specific tasks as needed.