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Do we need a Print function on Digital Asset View details page and the User details page?

Meena Mistry 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Henderson 6 months ago 2

APRIMO PRINT FUNCTION.docx  See attached screenshots of the print function availability on Aprimo.

Does anyone use the print function on the Digital Asset View details page?

Again, does anyone use the print function on User details page?

Hi I work with Meena and we've just been discussing this one. I think the ask here is that the Print button is in the space that the SAVE or EDIT button used to be, Users keep hitting print by mistake and it's getting a little annoying. Organisations like use are really trying hard not to print and to reduce our reliance on paper. If it could be positioned either within the menu with 3 dots or elsewhere on the page that would be great. 

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Can you clarify your ask here?  Are you wanting to have the "print" button removed on these pages?