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Have the Project manager automatically notified on a chat

Robert Colville 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated 6 months ago 2

Since the project manager is responsible to see the activity run to completion, is it possible for the project manager be notified on all chats without being tagged.

In Review

That could be a large volume of emails?

We are working on an In App Message/Alert center right now.  This feature will push notifications to users right in the application as they are happening.

So things like 
"A new task has been assigned to you"

"Someone has replied to your chat message"

"Someone replied to you annotation"

These notifications would pop as a little message right on the screen in the corner and there would be a new "Message Center" panel the user could open to see all these messages and click on them to take actions.

We could look at adding the option for a PM to receive one of these alerts when a chat is added in their projects maybe? I would prefer that to sending so many emails.


That could be cool. The thought behind the ask, was people forgetting to tag the PM, or trying to work around the PM. This way they'd always get notified. I remember that being the case before chat, with notes, and I would tell people to always check the notes. But the pop idea sounds very interesting. If that's possible, let me know and I'll share with my team.