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Inherit metadata based on shared value

Laura Fu 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 2 months ago 5

We need the ability to inherit specific metadata fields based on a shared value. We have Offers that have related Promotional Assets. We are currently manually populating all the metadata when new assets are created and uploaded, which allows room for human error. Also, if an Offer is updated, the related Promotional Assets also need to be manually updated, resulting in more potential for data not syncing.

Metadata Inheritance requirements

We need to establish a new process to populate several fields based on a tie between Offer ID and Related Offer ID. If an Offer has an Offer ID 12345, any Promotional Asset with Related Offer ID 12345 should inherit fields XYZ.

Content Types / Metadata

Due to internal priority shifts on teams and the fact that is feature takes more development time than anticipated we now target this feature beginning Q2-21

Thanks, Petra. I know your team had already been working on this since March with the information we initially provided. Please let me know what other details you might need.


We have it on the roadmap to allow you to configure metadata inheritance in the Aprimo DAM. This is slotted for Q2-Q3 this year.