Apply metadata template from a dropdown

Jure Meh 7 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 8 1 duplicate

Currently you can only apply metadata template by starting typing part of the name and then different options show up. It would help if we could browse through the template in a dropdown also.

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Any update on this as a dropdown in the new UI

Hi Christopher, at this moment we don't have an update yet.


We have a duplicate for this request. We qualified this to take it into account if we redesign this for new DAM UI.

For now you can type in an asterisk to see the list of all your templates.


I'm qualifying this so that we keep it in focus for if we introduce metadata templates in the new UI - that we can provide an even better behavior than the workaround.

In the meantime, as a workaround, there is a way to get the unfiltered list of all metadata templates in the dropdown list. Just type a * (wildcard) as search term in the field. This will retrieve all available metadata templates.

Same for us - this would be incredibly helpful as a user doesn't necessarily remember all the names of each single template.