GIF Display previews

Jamie Pearson 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 2

Hello, my users are uploading GIFs and we have found that GIF previews (aside from the first image) are not being uploaded to the previews. This would be a good feature to improve upon in the future, as it is similar to being able to display different clipping paths as previews. I also found that in certain views, the aspect ratio is not maintained in the preview as seen in the attached screenshot where the initial view is pixelated to fill out the space. I have been adding GIF previews manually as a result. Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 9.00.19 AM.png


There are 2 topics related to your voice request:

We have improved our GIF support and allow for animated GIF previews, but this is available only in the new DAM UI. We have no intention to change the behavior in Assets.

The thumbnails being scaled incorrectly is driven by a setting under 'change how a thumbnail is scaled' https://training3.dam.aprimo.com/Assets/WebHelp/ADAMHelp.htm#Admin%20Guide/ConfigUI/ConfigureRecordDisplays.htm