New Task Type - Assigned Auto-close - task is assigned to a user but will automatically close

Liz Guzman 8 months ago in Productivity Management 0

We have a scenario where our designers upload the final approved design files in a task which get displayed in the next task back to the requester, where they can download these files for use. This final task is not getting closed by the requester, which means the Projects are not getting closed, which means the Activities are not getting closed.

We have implemented a reminder to the assignee, but still not getting closed. (We cannot have a URL file which can just be sent in a notification template, FYI). Also, we don't have the Aprimo DAM or an integrated DAM with Aprimo workflow as we know these are more sophisticated solutions.

So, I am requesting a new type of task, a task that is assigned with all the configuration, but automatically closes after a specific duration. This would solve the task closure issue. (Just putting this out there)