Ability to Cancel a Project through the Task Inbox

Joe Cerep 1 month ago in Productivity Management 0

We are looking to add the ability for a task assignee to Cancel the current Project through the Task Inbox. Right now, we configured the ability to send a Project to a closed status through an EA "Cancel this request?" that routes the WF Template to the End Step when set to Yes. We use this (rather than the Cancel button on the Project Details) because it allows us to force a required child field to input the reason for cancellation which is then sent to the requester through a notification. The Cancel button on Project Details does not require the user who cancels to enter any subsequent details or alert other users who need to be informed of the cancellation. Getting to the Cancel button in the Project Details is also not always an intuitive experience for users.  The ability to have a Cancel option built into the Task Inbox, and ideally requiring a details/cancellation note to be added, will cut down on the amount of configuration we have in WF Templates since they currently have to have a Cancel Output Port on any Step that users can select to cancel in.