New Field Restyling: EA Help Text Should Remain Visible

J.B. Lewis 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 6 months ago 2

With the new field restyling, hovering over the help text icon results in it appearing in a small box next to one's cursor, but this box fades away after three seconds until the user hovers over the icon again. Three seconds isn't a lot of time to read help text boxes, especially if the explanation is longer. We'd like to see the box remain until the user moves their cursor away, or some similar control mechanism.


We are looking into updating this so that if the user keeps the cursor over the help window it will remain open.  If they move their mouse off the window it would still disappear after 3 seconds.

We are looking at options for when this could be added to the road map.

We found the same need in Franklin. Those couple of seconds are not enough to read and understand the help text. Displaying help text box until the user moves their cursor away from help text icon sounds like a fair solution.