Ability to hide base attributes on Activity Proposal Review and Program Proposal Review

Alex Gregorio 8 months ago in Planning and Proposals updated by Eric Teitsma 3 months ago 3

For consistency, we need to be able to hide the base attributes on the Activity Proposal Review and Program Proposal Review in the same fashion as on the Activity, Program, Activity proposal and Program proposal pages.

Currently, Santander is hiding the base attributes of begin date, end date and project anchor date. This is done on the edit and view pages of:

  • Activity
  • Program
  • Activity proposal
  • Program proposal

The following pages need to support the "Field Configurations" for hiding required fields. Currently the pages are still using "APViewSection" and will need to be updated to "APConfigurableViewSection" in order to support the hiding of required fields.

  • ActReviewView (10125)
  • ProgReviewView (10126)

This was completed in r119.


This work has been assigned to a team and is planned to be completed in Q2.  We will update this with a more accurate timeline as the work gets planned and picked up by the team.