Webhook for a Net-New Event

Ben Mason 7 months ago in Spend Management updated by Daniel Clarke 7 months ago 1

Build a webhook for when an activity is created from a proposal and associated webhook would fire. Webhooks are configured to ‘fire’ when the activity exists already. This enhancement is to build a webhook that ‘fires’ based on an event (i.e. creation by work request, proposal etc).



After looking into some related information from our support teams and financial stakeholders, I believe this is related to the Forecast Changed on Activity WebHook location, and a proposal bringing in its forecast into a new activity during its conversion on approval not being targeted as a changed forecast on an existing activity, therefore not flagging as a trigger for this event on Location 123.

Proposals to Activities are inherently a conversion of object so they are not new forecasts, however I can see the use case for this one and as such a new specific location would be required.