New Dropdown

Rhonda Uzzle 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 months ago 4

New Dropdown Experience V2 scheduled for launch in June of this year.  Has there been any impact studies on this.  This change will create a major slow-down in productivity for our users when entering multi-select values, e.g., States of Use. The current set-up allows users to select all at one time whereas the new will require 50 clicks.  

As you have probably already seen we did postpone activating this feature until the October Activation window.  A team is actively trying out a few alternative approaches to solve for these additional use cases.

We will keep everyone posted on our plans once we reach a solution.

Hey Eric, is there any further information on your comments about solving for these challenges and the timing of the activation of this feature?


Aprimo is aware of these impacts.  We started out using a specific style of a new multiple selection control which supported type-ahead filtering options but within our own testing as well as customer feedback we acknowledge that the experience needs to be further improved to better support selecting all, selecting multiple values within the dropdown at once, etc.  

Our UX team is evaluating solutions right now.  If we can solve for these challenges and make some updates to the control in the next few months then we will keep the planned schedule.  If correcting the UX concerns will take more time then we will adjust the activation of this feature back to the October Activation window to allow us time to adjust those behaviors.

We also had the opportunity to gather feedback on the new Dropdown for Multi Select fields (currently behind a Feature Flag).

A few concerns were raised by the Wells Fargo team, which we see as opportunities for improving this functionality:

  • Add the ability to select multiple entries or all entries from the list.  Users are used to using the cntl or shift key to select multiple entries.
  • Many value entries are longer than the column is wide so the text wraps.  This makes the values hard to read.  It would be helpful to be able to expand the width of the column of values (or make the column wider when it opens).