Ability to create sub collections within a collection

Kerry 9 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Diana Fournier 1 month ago 10

As a user, I want to organise my larger collections into subcategories.This will also facilitate sharing and minimise the number of top level collections when viewing "All collections".  An example would be the have the Content catalogue year at top level and then quarters in the the sub level.  

If this request doesn't make it through to Qualified, does Aprimo have examples from other clients on how to manage large numbers of collections and libraries?



Content Grouping

Our business just asked for this again this week as well!  Hierarchical Collections (not Spaces).

This request is rejected and we don't have an update there. If you are referring to hierarchical spaces please find a link to that request here:


Hi Gerda, this request is for hierarchical collections, not spaces (although spaces is a neat feature as well).  At this time, we are only using 9 high profile spaces.  Our users are using a lot of collections.  Seven months ago, Petra said this was in Aprimo's backlog.  Is that not the case anymore?

Its on our backlog, but not assigned to a time slot yet, so hard to say how soon we'll get there. 

Thank you Petra.  Is having hierarchical spaces in the product roadmap?  

This would be good to know.  We have similar requests at SE.

We see a definite use case for hierarchical spaces. Collections inside collections is a concept which we think will be difficult to understand and build a user experience around. If we want to keep use experiences easy to use and to understand we try to keep concepts clean. So this is a product strategy decision.

Hi Petra, Thanks for your response.  Out of curiosity, what is the reason to not have the sub-collections?  Is there a technical limitation or is it an industry standard?  This information will back me up when feeding this information back to the business




We have no plans to make hierarchies in Collections. However, i would advise to make 1 collection and make facets available to filter within the collection for instance per quarter.