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Allow Role Assignment and Updates to be made through the Agile Board

Joe Cerep 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 1

In addition to being able to add/remove users from specific tasks in the Agile Board, we would like the ability to update role assignment directly through the Agile Board as well. The functionality could mimic the Roles tab on the Project details with the ability to add or remove users from roles. Our project managers and agency partners love the visual representation of a project's status that the Agile Board provides but the fact that they have to access two separate locations to reassign a single task vs. a role has been a point of frustration.

In Review

Hi Joe,

We have discussed allowing you to chose to "re-assign the person to the role" instead of just the one task.  But we were thinking it would still be part of a "re-assign" process on a step.  The challenge with showing a "roles" tab like page is the Agile Board can be a mix of projects and activities depending on how you have it filtered so you will always need to open a specific tasks first in order for us to have context of which object you are working with.  

We are looking at the same concept of re-assigning the role on the resource capacity pages as well.

Another option could be to provide a short cut directly to the roles tab from the modal window maybe to at least reduce a click.