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Task Inbox: One or More Panels Failed Validation message

Christine Mellick 5 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Alex Gregorio 4 months ago 9

The wording of this message doesn't make sense to the users.  Can you change it to something more like:  "You have one of more required fields that need to be completed to close the task"

If there is additional room in the message, include "Scroll down to sections indicated in red"

In Review

For commenting on this, do you have the improvements for field validation in the Task Inbox activated.  We released improvements for this recently that are tied to a FF.  It does not change the wording described here but it does greatly improve the user experience around which fields were missed.  Just curious if you have this activate or not as I think it would help.

We have this turned on as well.

Hi Eric - Are you talking about the Feature Flag:  Task Inbox - Inbox UI Enhancements?  If so, yes, we have that turned on.  We still would like the wording changed in the alert.

Yes, this seems to be a simple change. Despite having it in training materials, it trips a lot of people up and we get a lot of questions. The existing terminology doesn't mean anything to real users. Something as simple as  "A required field(s) and/or doc upload(s) has not been completed." would help. And agree, if there is room -  add "Scroll down to see sections indicated in red."

This would improve user experience please can it be implemented soon.

Agree with the wording change, as we too have had a number of users question what this means. 

This would definitely help reduce support queries and avoid user confusion. Even if it was to say 'Please ensure you've completed all mandatory fields'

This is a really quick and simple change that would improve the user experience.

Could this be implemented soon please.

I agree with Christine.

Our users in Lloyds Bank send multiple queries daily asking what this error message means, it's not clear and I can see why they are getting confused.

If you could change this to a more commonly used term like stated above in Christine's suggestion "You have one or more required fields that need to be completed to close the task" it would save us a lot of time.

Many thanks