Enable a way for New UI to only present configured fields given a set of conditions

Greg 2 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 3

A current advantage of the Assets Studio is that you can selectively choose what field groups appear for an asset based on what classification/classification tree they are a part of.  In the New UI, any field you configure in each content type will always show up for every asset.  We need a way to configure the environment to more selectively show metadata so end users are only presented with what is more relevant.  I could think of two potential solutions while testing.

1. Enable the classification Logic in Assets studio to affect the New UI: If the asset in New UI is classified in a classification that does not have the field group registered, the fields will not display even if they are configured in New UI.

2. Alter the functionality of the showEmpty attribute: When reading through the admin guide I thought by setting the container level showEmpty to False, and every item level showEmpty to True, the following two use cases would be solved, that ultimately creates this Voice requests use case.
- All items within a container, filled in or empty, will display as long as at least one of the items has a value.
- the entire Container along with all it's items to not display, If And Only If, every single item within that container is blank

UX Fields / Attributes

Will keep it on shelved at the moment to see if there is interest from other customers.

You are able to see additional details around this use case, particularly the attempts to configure showEmpty, in ServiceNow Case - CS0027942.